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True Power Barre is a formulated system fusing a powerful ballet-based barre workout with an enlightening mind-body yoga element.
A True Power Barre workout combines elements of dynamic ballet-based barre technique, standing pilates, upper body strength, yogic stretching, breath-work & mindfulness.  A True Power Barre class is low-impact yet cardio-intensive, the best of both worlds; fat-burning, but easy on the joints!
True Power Barre was created with the intention of promoting total mind, body, and spirit wholeness. It centers around uncovering the “true power” in each
of us.  True Power Barre is not just another workout aimed at toning the thighs and shaping the glutes, but rather a complete experience that builds stamina, strength, and self-esteem.


Julie Lindley

Julie is a graduate of San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, where she studied music and dance.  Her love for performing carried over into group fitness instruction several years ago, when she fell in love with Latin dance and began teaching Zumba Fitness. Since that time, she has become certified in PiYo, Piloxing, Barre Above, and is Group Ex certified by AFFA.

    Her most recent certification with the International Yoga Alliance came when she injured her shoulder and was told eventually she would need surgery.  Choosing not to accept one physician’s opinion, she was able-through yoga-to make space in her shoulder joint where there wasn’t any before. Fascinated with her results, Julie felt if it worked for her shoulder, it could work for her whole body, and thus her true yoga journey began.

    Now an RYT 500, Julie says she is honored to share practice with anyone who will join her on the mat. “The mat is a place of infinite possibilities!”, Julie says. “I love how yoga has made me stronger physically, but more than that, it has taught me how to quiet my mind and focus.  This is how True Power Barre was born, combining my love for barre with the beauty and mindfulness of yoga; the perfect combination to exercise the mind and body at the same time! True Power Barre reminds me to focus on what’s inside me, enabling me to accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I am passionate about empowering others to do the same by discovering their True Power!




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